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“Becoming living instruments for the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ, by preaching the gospel for the kingdom of God.”


“Free Methodist church of Bethlehem aims to lead people to experience a God-First Life. Our purpose is to greet our community with unconditional love and see people saved, healed, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving by the Holy Spirit.”


We believe that God eternally exists in three distinct persons, consubstantial, co-eternal and equal in power and glory; the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

The church has received the mission of preaching the Gospel to all nations. Each local church and every believer must assume the responsibility for the mission/mandate.

In the Gospel, God has clearly revealed the only way of salvation and sufficient applicable to the entire lost human race. Based on his infinite and perfect love and the desire that He expressed that all men be saved. He ordered that the Church proclaims to all people, with urgency,
compassion and persuasion, inviting them to believe.

It is the duty and privileges of everyone who hears the gospel to repent and receive God’s mercy it provides. Those who do it will be saved, while those who continue in impenitence and
unbelief are experiencing increasing guilt and perish by their own fault.

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Be part of a christian community is an important step in claiming the Christian faith for yourself.