Pastor nedy pierre


We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved Pastor Nedy Pierre who was a Pastor, friend and father to all.

Joseph Nedy Pierre was born on April 03, 1951 in Haiti and converted as a servant of God at the age of 12 years old. Since then, he served God faithfully.

Joseph Nedy was a dedicated Pastor who worked night and day to spread the word of God. His passion for Christ was extraordinary. Pastor Nedy’s dream was to be an instrument for God. He was indeed an instrument for God. In 1993, he founder the Free Haitian Methodist Church of Bethlehem in Brooklyn and held his first service on October 23 of the same year.

Apart from being a pastor, Pastor Nedy worked nights building Steinway pianos. As you know, every Steinway piano is made by hand. He enjoyed his work and took pride in installing the keyboards on the pianos. 

He was also an avid reader of theology. Always reading the word of God to be closer to God. Almost every time, he had some theology text with him, usually a Wesleyan theology that was written in French. He loved to teach and train others to become leaders for God’s church. He loved to help those who were in need. A problem of a person would be his problem as well. He would not leave anyone behind. Pastor Nedy was always humble, appreciative and showed the utmost respect to everyone. His biggest dream was to win as much souls for Christ. He saw good in everyone and encouraged us to pray for the world to turn to Jesus Christ because Christ is the only way.

Pastor Joseph Nedy leaves behind a wife, Marie Selamy Pierre and 5 children, Roby Jean Pierre, Widmarc Jean Pierre, Evans Pierre, Caleb Jean Pierre and Ruth D. Selamy.

Pastor Nedy left a great legacy for God’s Kingdom. He will always be remembered for his hard work and dedication that he gave to the Haitian community.

We praise and thank God for giving us Pastor Joseph Nedy Pierre to show us the way to Jesus Christ. We will miss his gentle and kind spirit, and his passion to build God's Kingdom. We know with firm conviction that he is at peace and resting in the glory of God.